MASTERING NEW skills, gaining new experiences and never stopping in the challenge of life. Being ready, being focused, training for this moment.


Yes, I know that all sounds bit pompous and very OTT. Don’t worry I am not marching in to ‘You can do this’ first pumping territory. I was just mimicking the masterclass or lifestyle guru videos that have become the mainstay of YouTube adverts.


What I am doing, is preparing for a new project in the shape of my debut film directing bow. Filming begins this week. It will see me head to Essex, to work with a great group of people on Buckethead.

Buckethead being a short horror script I recently penned.


The idea came while I was driving to Cornwall in August. During the drive, I was looking at all the unusual town and village names – one being called Bucket Green. From there I began to build up the character and then the piece.


Buckethead will hopefully act as a building block, to finally get my other film project Carve, funded and filmed. For details on Carve see previous blogs on here or visit:


Buckethead is being produced on a miniscule budget, so there has been plenty of winging it, lots of charity shop visits and favours called in.


Unlike some people, who seem the thrive on the attitudes I alluded to at the start of this blog, I don’t. I aim to focus on the fact that I am working on a film, which has the premise of kid with a bucket instead of a head. When he is finished with the current severed head in said bucket, he hunts people down to chop off another. If you cannot have fun with that, why would you bother making a film in the first place?




Another thing of note, I have just sent the final draft of my non-fiction football title ’71-’72 to the Pitch Publishing. There is still plenty of work to do, but this is a milestone moment for me.


Having sent the manuscript in, I began thinking of all the support you lovely lot give me, and I would like to thank all for it. It honestly makes such a difference and has definitely helped me get to this stage with ’71-’72 and Buckethead.



Stay safe.