Don’t judge a book just by the cover
‘Unless you cover just another’

Punk fans among you, may recognise the above lyrics, from the Sex Pistols song EMI.

OK, so it’s not related directly to this latest blog or is it? I like the song, the album and the sentiment of the lyrics. For me, the true sound of the band is caught on the Roadrunner, Johnny B Goode recording session on The Great Rock n’ Roll Swindle. There is something perfect about it and inspiring.

The songs played in that session are themselves cover versions, so, it makes some sort of sense that I am blogging about the new cover art for my upcoming self-published release Radio 11.

There are three versions in the running, all of which are featured here, and I wondered if anyone had any views on them? All comments will help me choose the final one.


The buzz from my site subscribers is for the bold text version, but do not let that sway you. Please post comments on my FB page: DPAbrahams or Twitter @abrahamsdan390.


Radio 11 – Further tales of light and shade by Daniel Abrahams is a collection of short stories, featuring a large number of unseen content, along with some previously published pieces on my social media platforms or websites I was commissioned to blog for. It will be released on Amazon – Kindle in the coming months. Release date TBC.

A massive thanks must go to Tim Jones for his excellent design skills on the cover art.



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