It seems a long time ago now, that I sat over hours of phone conversations and tried to plot my way through my first ghost writing job. At the time I had no idea how to complete or even start writing a book, but I had planned the beginning. In it, I wanted to capture the personality of Squadron Leader Damian Clayton, and how he changed from a mild-mannered polite man, to someone bristling with excitement when he spoke about playing rugby league. One such conversation that came up numerous times, related to an incident that resulted in him receiving a bad injury, and ultimately led to the end of his playing career. I wanted to use this as the beginning, and to capture it from Clayton’s own view, second by second until it happened. I think it, and the book, worked out pretty well.

So, it was really nice mention for it to get a mention on this cracking podcast.

The book is called: Through Adversity for our Sport – The Fight for Rugby League in the RAF and is available on Amazon and from Scratching Shed Publications.

Click on the podcast link, for a dive into the tale that led to the book being written.