Two posts in quick succession, what on earth is happening? Well, this lockdown has started to level out a bit for me, so I have been able to get things into gear a little more. So, in one of my last missives, I mentioned my involvement in an exhibition project by Hewlett Packard, which at the time of this initiative back in 2004/5, was changing its name to HP. The company where using the exhibition as creative way to advertising their name change. The links below will give you some idea of the project, but the long, the short and the tall of it, was they gave amateur artists the opportunity to submit their works, with the chance of exhibition. I was lucky enough to have a photograph featured in the first exhibition in 2004, which went on show at the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane, East London. If memory serves, I was then invited to join in with the second exhibition a year later. In 2005, the opportunity for wider exposure was available with works shown not only London, but Paris, Berlin and Tokyo. So, I was humbled to think of my work being showcased in these cities, where they were printed out and hung, using massive HP printing machines. Sadly, the website has now closed for the HYPE Gallery, which was the moniker the exhibition ran under, so my original work cannot be seen. Each entry had to have the letters HP in their title, I cannot recall what I called mine at the time. So, why am I rambling about it now? Well, I’ve recreated a version of the second piece and was going to send it out to you, my lovely subscribers. A: out of potential interest and B: that it might provoke something when you have a look at it. Art for Art sake, you might say. Stay safe everyone. If you are not a subscriber to but would like a copy of the piece I have not entitled: Words and Picture – then visit the site and get subscribing. The links: