Hello to you all,

I hope this finds you well in these strange, yet memorable times.

I just thought I’d pen a short missive to help pass the time.

I like most of you have been left charting a course with the general guide of daily routine. Working from home, of course provides new challenges, be they are merely a shift in thinking or planning. This, along with the need to push yourself to sit down to your working tasks, whatever they may be. Never before, has the metronome of the alarm clock and daily commute been seen as desirable to help maintain sanity.

Cooking, reading and writing have been the mainstays of my time, work, the usual one trip out for exercise and weekly shop aside. So, this has meant I have pushed on to chapter 22 of my first novel, The Fox. Some of my amazing beta readers are currently helping me with first draft reads. Huge thanks as always to these guys, who are, put simply, a lifesaver. I have coupled this, with some interesting, well I think they are, new ideas to my new film short – working title Daughter. So, I hope to keep you updated on those when the time comes to getting the cameras turning.

I am hoping to complete another subscriber exclusive short story before the end of the month, to send out to you lovely people. As with the lockdown chaos, I will refrain from putting a specific date on that. It amazes me how many things pop up to fill time, when you seemingly have all the time in the world. What was it John Lennon said about life getting in the way?

Oh, nearly I forgot to add. Many moons aho, not quite in a galaxy blah blah, but I was involved in a Hewlett Packard sponsored series of art exhibitions. The exhibitions saw a few pieces of my work put on show in London, Paris and Tokyo. I have been looking for the works to put up on the site. There was one in particular, that at the time, seemed to get a fair amount of interest and I was hoping to find it and send out prints to my subscribers. It might well be something of nothing, but it also might help raise a smile and prick some interest or whet your appetite. I will update accordingly, so please keep an eye out for social media posts and updates on the site.

Finally, and I promise I will sign off after this, I would be very grateful if anyone could spread the word about the site. I am always looking to increase my subscriber numbers, so if you have friends, family, work colleagues and the like, who may care to read more about my books, films, works etc, please put them onto the site.

Thanks, and stay safe all of you.