The time away, as they had nicknamed it, had been interesting, challenging and thought provoking. It had also been fraught, unchartered, challenging and deeply upsetting. Now, the return had arrived. It had also, done so, at a new destination. The new, was at the same time, both calm and exciting.

Her dad sat scraping butter across white toast, teacup wobbling slightly in his fingertips. His briefcase, like an obedient dog, waited by the front door. His tie sat firmly in place around his collar. His face freshly shaved. Skin aftershave tight.

During the outbreak, or time away, Luna and her father had remained on the same side of some sort of understanding. It was an all for one, and all things shall come to pass, type of understanding. Now, as she sat with him at breakfast, she thought how the view seemed uncluttered, the vista unknown. In some respects, pillars of life no long plundered into the sky, pushing and growing. Now, they simply stood, lost. In other respects, distances seemed less important to overcome or to navigate. Acquiring also seemed less enticing. While achievements more localised. The only admirable avarice appeared to be in the desire to replot the charts and to drink in the possibilities.

“Are you busy today?”, her father asked, his teeth crunching down on the bread. He then combined it, the butter and marmalade, with a good swill of tea. Lips crumb specked, he looked at her with an eye she had not seen for some time.

“No”, she replied, the soft release of the words simply timed to her father’s retort: “No time for sitting around you know, plenty of that’s been done. Where did that get us?

“It’s time to get back to normal Luna. The agendas need to be pushed again you know; nothing gets done when nothing happens.”

The excitement of rebuilding the old ways, had invigorated her father. The institutions, the towers of power all pushed him into the shape he held before the outbreak. Luna knew this would be a shape, she and those with the right kind of eyes, would need to alter. Well, if things were to really get back on their feet.

“You see that’s the point dad, she began: “Something did happen when nothing happened. Something beyond the vision of the blind.”

“While we stood still, everything changed. Now the real issues, you, and many like you, tried to ignore or simply brush off, as mere sticks designed to stop the wheels of progress, are the only ones’ worth pursuing.”

She knew he wanted to return to the old ways, the ways that simply crumbled in the face of the outbreak.  “Progress has come dad, it is here. We no longer have to push for it. Progress has simply waited for us to stop and to open our eyes.”

Luna knew that change had started with the first day of the outbreak. She also felt, that through so many tragedies, there was now hope of real triumphs.

Her first would be convincing her dad.

© Daniel Abrahams 2020.