AS with the rest of the world, all things with the short film project of Carve have come to a bit of a halt. Do not worry, we are not resting on our laurels, we are simply reorganising.

The current plan, due to the funding needed for Carve being slightly higher than we had expected, is to work on a new title, requiring a smaller budget.

To this end, I have written a new script currently running under the working title of: Daughter.

Sadly, I cannot give you any clues to the project yet, due to the script being in the early stages, but the reaction to it have been great. Words such as ‘dark, twisted and haunting‘, ‘with ‘a totally unexpected ending’, have already attached to it by those who have read the first two drafts. I will keep you updated here and on as to out progress. The current plan is to produce and film Daughter, to enable us to garner wider interest for Carve.